Guess What?

We have a new trouble ticketing system as of Monday, 1 May 2023!

ServiceNow is Here!

ServiceNow is the new APAN ticket system separate from the APAN platform. This system is used to submit APAN support requests and does NOT replace the APAN community login process or APAN login information. 

For the new system, you'll see three options.   Request Something,  Fix Something,  and  Learn Something.  

  • Request Something:  New Community, Adobe Connect, CUI approval etc.
  • Fix Something:  APAN account disabled, something on APAN is broken, request for APAN community metrics or anything else not offered in Request Something
  • Learn Something:  ServiceNow knowledge articles like ServiceNow password reset or CAC info (NOT related to APAN)

Submit a Ticket

Have Questions about ServiceNow?

All of the information we have for you at this time can be found in the APAN Knowledge Base article in the button below.