About Us

Our Mission

APAN is an unclassified information sharing and collaboration enterprise platform for the United States Department of Defense (DOD), providing traditional and nontraditional mission partners web-based community spaces and tools to effectively plan, train, and respond to meet their mission objectives. Available over the internet, these tools bridge the gap for those who do not have access to traditional DOD networks.

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Our Team

Experience in supporting multinational exercises, humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR) operations, conferences, and training, the APAN Team has enabled thousands of organizations globally to meet their information sharing requirements. The team’s ability to innovate and adapt to fluid situations rapidly has made APAN the preferred choice in online collaboration.  The combination of field experience and wide technical abilities is the foundation in meeting customer needs.

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Our Awards

APAN has earned honors from three different organizations since its expansion to serve the global community in 2010.  These awards demonstrate the APAN team’s ability to serve the global community with top quality performance, reaching beyond traditional silos, and supporting collaboration as a recognized industry leader.

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