Collaboration tools to develop your unique community space.

APAN Communities

APAN Communities are online spaces where groups of people or teams can interact and collaborate on specific topics or events.

There are two types of communities: Verint Groups and SharePoint Sites. Both types of communities incorporate tools like chat, translation, and maps to create unique collaborative environments.

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Verint Groups

Using a web application called Verint, APAN provides a service called Verint Groups.  These online spaces are easily editable and focus on social engagements.  With features such as blogs, maps, forums, media galleries, wikis, and calendars, users can easily contribute, comment, and give feedback.

Verint Group pages are a collection of drag-and-drop widgets making it easy for owners with limited experience to use.

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SharePoint Sites

SharePoint Sites focus on content management and are powered by the Microsoft SharePoint application. Owners can encourage consistent business processes and track tasks using workflows and lists. SharePoint sites feature document management capabilities like managed metadata and version control. Community owners can design organizational structures that members can easily find, share and collaborate on.

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