APAN offers a variety of collaboration tools that can be used alone or in conjunction with other tools to develop your unique community space.


APAN Communities are online spaces where groups of people or teams can interact and collaborate on specific topics or events. Community owners control all aspects of their community including design, membership, access and tools. APAN provides two types of communities: Groups and Sites. With both types of communities, owners have the ability to incorporate other APAN tools like chat, translation and maps into their community to create their unique collaboration environment.

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APAN Groups focus on social engagements. The main applications (blogs, forums, media galleries, wikis and calendars) provide a place for community members to contribute direct comments or feedback. Users can also tag content and people using #tags and @mentions. Pages are made up of a collection of drag-drop-widgets, making it easy for owners with limited experience to customize their community.

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APAN Sites focus on content management. Through the use of document management capabilities like managed metadata, version control and check-out control, community owners can design an organizational structure that members can easily find, share and collaborate on content. Owners can encourage consistent business processes and track tasks using workflows and lists. APAN Sites also allows users to view lists and documents from mobile devices.

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