APAN offers a variety of collaboration tools that can be used alone or in conjunction with other tools to develop your unique community space.


Give your APAN Community a voice and build relationships by talking with your teams over live chat.  APAN chat tools help you to collaborate in real-time from your browser without needing to install anything additional.  Chat tools are intuitive to maximize your team’s responsiveness and productivity.

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Instant Message (IM)

    • APANs IM enables one-to-one interaction with connected colleagues by creating immediate conversations rather than sending emails back and forth
    • IM keeps conversations moving
    • Each user can hold conversations that can be translated to their preferred language

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      Group Chat

      • Create chat rooms for projects, teams, planning sessions, exercises or situational updates
      • Use Group Chat to work on files at the same time with others around the globe without having to wait for an email response
      • See which of your colleagues or fellow group members are online and have a private conversation
      • Create as many Group Chat rooms per topic as you need
      • Archive old chat rooms to reference in the future

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