Disease knows no borders:

As COVID-19 progresses, immediate action is needed to provide rapid, coordinated response.

Collaborate with mission partners remotely:

  1. SharePoint features provide structured content such as Document Libraries, Customizable Lists and Calendars.
  2. Verint features allow your team to utilize Announcements, Media Galleries, Forums, Blogs and Wikis.

Support critical ops and connect with teams globally:

  1. Utilize Chat to connect one-to-one with members of your community.
  2. Group Chat allows your entire community to chat with one another.
  3. Translation capabilities include translating webpages, text and documents that are uploaded to Verint Media Galleries
  4. Adobe Connect provides audio and video conferencing in real-time.

Identify and discover:

Use ArcGIS to create, edit and analyze maps similar to the map created by USARPAC Geospatial Planning Cell / 5th Engineering Detachment.